Nickname, Debris Trail – Kirt Voreis Interview Part 1 of 2 [NO VIDEO] by Vital MTB

Nickname, Debris Trail – Kirt Voreis Interview Part 1 of 2 [NO VIDEO]
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During a visit to Bend, Oregon, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kirt Voreis, legendary human, legendary mountain biker, to discuss his life and his career. Honored to have Cam McCaul sitting shotgun during the interview, we listened as Kirt shared stories of a challenging childhood surrounded by drug use, gangs and a difficult home life. Despite these obstacles, the arrival of a dedicated step-father, as well as, a passion for skateboarding, motorcycles and bicycles helped Kirt find a life of fulfillment as he made a life-long career out of racing and riding mountain bikes.

Kirt’s influence on our sport since the late 90’s is one that can not be denied. In the midst of a successful racing career, he laid the groundwork for modern freeriding and pure fun on two wheels. He continues the tradition today by producing some of the most entertaining and inspiring bike-riding clips on Instagram.

Enjoy part 1 of Kirt’s interview as we discuss childhood, hard times, getting on the Yeti Factory team and the influence some loving, giving people had on his life. Part 2 will launch on Wednesday, December 5.

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