How to Repair Tubeless Tyre | Mountain Bike Rider by Mountain Bike Rider

How to Repair Tubeless Tyre | Mountain Bike Rider
Nowadays, many of us are tubeless converts thanks to its added reliability and often lower weight, but when you get a flat tyre it’s not as simple as swapping out an inner tube. This guide shows how to save a punctured tubeless tyre. | Click here to subscribe:

It’s likely you wont get much change from £100 for a set of decent tyres for your mountain bike and a large cut or hole can easily render this expensive rubber fit for the bin.

Yes, the majority of us run sealant within the tyre, and often this will do a great job at plugging smaller holes and cuts from leaking air. But larger ruptures will need to be correctly patched to continue railing turns.

If the tyre is fairly new, it’s always worth trying to repair, as there will be plenty of life left in it. However, consider if the tyre is overly worn and still in usable condition, if not, its best to replace it.

Now although you can repair the tyre to a pretty good standard, it can be hit and miss as to whether it will last the life of the tyre. A repair can be considered an emergency option, but in many cases, we’ve seen them hold up absolutely fine. Another thing to mention is that tubeless ‘bungs’ are another great way of fixing your tyre when trailside, but larger holes will be more difficult to seal.

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