Cam McCaul Interview – The Inside Line Podcast [no video] by Vital MTB

Cam McCaul Interview – The Inside Line Podcast [no video]
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It’s an honor to have finally connected with this week’s guest on The Inside Line. Cam McCaul is a household mountain biking name. I’ve had the privilege of watching his career blossom from a stoked grom to world-class freerider, and now, on-air personality as commentator for mountain biking’s biggest broadcast events like Red Bull Joyride and Rampage.

I owe a lot to Cam and his family for helping me get a career off the ground some 15 years ago. They always made themselves available to shoot photos or videos when I was cutting my teeth, and I’ll be forever grateful. I met with Cam at his home in Bend, Oregon, a week or so after the 2018 Red Bull Rampage event. He was in a sling, a few weeks out of shoulder surgery, ready to talk. We discuss this year’s Rampage, its format, the judging, the digging and then we go into some history and highlights of his career. Discussing the future is how things conclude.

There are so many things I wanted to talk about and I think a part two will be in order someday. We didn’t even touch on his vulnerable and hair-raising part in the new MTB movie, Reverence, which was just released. Any time with Cam McCaul is a good time and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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