Sam Hill VS Remi Gauvin – Pinkbike Hot LapbyPinkbike

Sam Hill VS Remi Gauvin – Pinkbike Hot Lap
The greatest of all time versus the local wonder kid – Sam Hill Vs Remi Gauvin. Who takes the biscuit? Well you probably know having watched it already, but let’s see where mistakes were made and where gains were had.

Who would you like to see take part?

Pinkbike Hot Lap is our own leaderboard of Pros and Bike Industry Friends. Using a trail local to the Pinkbike HQ, we use Freelap timing equipment to register the times.

Follow Freelap Timing here:

The trail we use is called ‘Creditline’. This was chosen as it is a complete mtb trail, that tests various riders skills. Please donate to SORCA trail association for their good work:…

Thanks to Maxxis for presenting this video 👉

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