Jared Graves Interview, A Week After Brain Surgery [No Video] by Vital MTB

Jared Graves Interview, A Week After Brain Surgery [No Video]
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A week after surgery to remove a brain tumor, Jared Graves sits down with Damian Breach for an emotional interview about his life-altering situation on Vital MTB’s The Inside Line podcast. #strengthforjared #MTB

Damian Breach sits down with mountain bike racing phenom, Jared Graves, at his home in Toowoomba, Australia. A week earlier, Jared had surgery on his brain to remove a tumor that was very recently discovered. A season of mystery with troubles focusing and concentrating came to a head after the Enduro World Series in Whistler, British Columbia, where Jared suffered a handful of seizures; something he had never experienced earlier in his life. Scans revealed the brain tumor and measures were quickly taken to remove it. The surgery was successful, his prognosis is very positive and chemotherapy and radiation are the next steps in dealing with this life-changing news.

Enjoy a candid, in-depth interview with one cycling’s greatest competitors. Jared, everyone here at Vital is pulling for you and we appreciate your trust with this interview. #strengthforjared

Interview and portaits by Damian Breach.

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