Whistler Enduro Practice Begins… | The Privateer s1e10byPinkbike

Whistler Enduro Practice Begins… | The Privateer s1e10
Adam heads out to practice with Scott athlete – Scotty Laughland. As a former full time EWS racer, Scott is the ideal practice partner for Adam to help suss out lines on the longest stage of the EWS – Top Of The World all the way down to the bottom.

Many thanks to all the below sponsors for supporting Adam and this series:

Scott Bikes – https://goo.gl/tMYzDY

Mavic Wheels and apparel – https://goo.gl/VQttZ8

Fox Racing – https://goo.gl/pvbxGT

Box Components – https://goo.gl/6HbCr7

Schwalbe Tires – https://goo.gl/xaDvuA

Stages Power – https://goo.gl/PaS5nH

Camelbak – https://goo.gl/H3aWmk

Spank – https://goo.gl/5a4hMv

Ryders Eyewear – https://goo.gl/AzYkki

TRP Cycling – https://goo.gl/8r4Hfz

OneUp Components – https://goo.gl/A47Ut8

Time Pedals – https://goo.gl/p92cFZ

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