Windhill B1kepark mishap – What not to do

Sunday 7th January the shredders head down to Windhill for an adrenaline filled park day. Little did I know that it was going to involve a totally different type of adrenaline.

We started the day off with a run down a blue and then decided mid push up to dip in to the bottom half of a red run and session it for a while. Ease yourself in gently as they say.

It started off great with some good runs chasing each other down the main middle tables. I started to feel the pressure a little which pushed me beyond my comfort zone trying to keep up.

After a few runs, I got to the fourth table and suddenly it hit me as I took off from the table that I had messed up and was about to come down hard. It really was one of those ‘it was at that moment, he knew he’d fucked up’ situations. As expected, I came down hard as I had come up short, hit the deck and was thrown right over the bike landing hard on my front. Unfortunately, I landed with all of my body weight on the lower of my left arm.
For a few moments I couldn’t move and a few other riders ran over, realised I was badly injured and moved me off the trail. I slowly turned over and it was apparent my wrist was probably broken. Being a cold winters day the pain felt multiplied, believe me it wasn’t pleasant.

Right here I knew I’d messed up!

After discussing the situation and the obligatory piss taking, we decided it’d be a good idea to get back up to the cars and assess the situation and bike damage.
Once we got back to our cars it suddenly dawned on us that I was one of the drivers. It was a bit of a daunting thought knowing I’d have to drive an hour and a half home. Ah well shit happens, get on with it as they say.

Needless to say, the last 6 weeks have been very boring and I’ve been teased a lot reading about and seeing footage of rides the others have been out on.

Although it’s great to progress, it’s also important to know your own personal boundaries and I think my downfall that day was pushing myself a little too hard to try to prove myself.

in the end, I ended up with a consultant trying to manipulate the 3 breaks into line which didn’t work, followed by Open Wrist surgery to be plated I now have a nice battle scar to show for it.

Shard of bone just floating in there.

Ouch, was a bad break.

The real lesson here is, don’t half commit to something new, always have personal sports insurance and the biggest investment you can make to your riding isn’t the newest hottest components but yourself. Take a course and improve your riding to give you the ability to commit.

Written by Dan Brown-Lee

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