Sick Bicycle Co at London Bike show 2018

Whilst there were a load of amazing bike brands on show at the London bike show, the standout brand for their style was the one and only Sick Bicycle Company. You can’t really argue with these guys (no joke you can’t at all. Here’s a little throwback to some poor soul being ripped a new one when he got into an argument with them a while back below). They had their long, low and slack hardtail frames on show, a huge stand with their awesome t-shirts hanging and to top it all off a black Monster Energy pickup with green neons to wow the show goers. I’m not one to lick companies arses so I’m going to stick my neck on the line and give a brutally honest review on some of the parts of this bike.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.45.06

If you don’t know anything about Sick Bike Co, let me briefly fill you in. They are synonymous for building long, slack and seriously low hardtail bikes and recently started dabbling their hands in full suspension bikes. I absolutely love the look of their bikes and their branding. They are no nonsense and no bullshit kind of guys. Whilst We didn’t get a chance to grab a few words with them we managed to get a few snaps of the prototype ‘Have Blue MK2’on show. This bike is a freaking 62 degree, 160mm travel, Titanium/ Vanadium alloy bike with 27.5 inch wheels.

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Starting with the cockpit, this bike has some sleek purple Hope Tech 3 Brakes to ensure maximum stopping power and a very niche Box Components 1×11 mech and shifter! Box components are growing in the industry and whilst you may be used to seeing SRAM and Shimano group sets on your standard bikes, these guys wanted something special on their bikes. This is coupled with some tidy JoyStick analogue Carbon bars and some Revolution Suspension Grips. The RevGrips are designed to help remove the feedback that comes through the bars and stop the rider getting arm pump. This is done by having no contact with the bar itself and some very quirky shock absorbing inserts at the end of the grips themselves. Retailing at $89 these bad boys aren’t cheap, but only putting them to the test will prove whether its money well spent or not.


Suspension is down to the DVO Diamond forks and Topaz T3 Shock. The Topaz is packed full of features such as fins on the outside to keep it cool in hot conditions (something that has always been a problem for air shocks) and compression features to tune small bump sensitivity.


The most standout feature of this bike has to be that Spengle carbon wheel. I’m not going to lie, I love the look of this wheel. Imagine never having to true your wheels again (something I do on a regular basis; I blame it on my poor riding). Spengle claim its the ‘most advanced wheel in the world’ and I don’t blame them after looking at it in person. Spengle say the wheel is ‘designed for speed, is aerodynamic, tolerant of ultra low pressures’ so failure is thing of the past. Coupled with a hookless rim profile, pinch picture protection even when tubeless should be a thing of the past.


I think this is one of the coolest brands on the market and I really hope they carry on with their ethos and never change. It’s quite refreshing and far removed from the white collar, professional image some brands carry, which is so far from what mountain biking is. These guys love a beer, have potty mouthes and make sick bikes (excuse the pun).

If you want to check out more if their site here Sick Bike Co.

Credit to Jwdtphotography for the feature image of the Sick bike co ‘Have Blue’

Written by Lorien Gordon

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