Stanton bikes at the London bike show 2018

The London bike show did bring a major treat from Stanton Bikes. They brought their prototype Switch9er FS to the show. This is a long travel 29 inch wheel bike designed by Dan Stanton himself. I managed to grab a chat with Dan and his team.

Where is the bike built?

“The bike is fully built in the UK. That’s what makes this incredible. The rear triangle is extruded in Nottingham, the tubing is from Reynolds 631 in Birmingham, all CNC’d components are made in Lincoln and everything was designed in house by myself and the team put it together.”

What sort of travel is the bike running?

“We are running 160mm on the front and 140mm on the rear. That’s the equivalent of 180mm and 160mm on a 27.5 inch wheel bike but it’s a 29er, so you don’t need as much travel as the bigger wheel just glides over everything.”


What about the suspension and design. What is it and what is it even called?

“It is designed by myself and it’s quite simple. It’s just a two link system but it doesn’t have a fancy name or anything. The first 7mm of rear wheel travel is backwards. The wheel doesn’t square edge hit obstacles. The axle path moves backwards and then curves round as normal. This means the bike feels super smooth over things like roots.”

I see the bike is bike is running a coil shock. Will it still pedal uphill?

“The bike is super progressive in its suspension design, so it can use linear shocks because of this. We rely on frame and suspension design as opposed to the shock technology to make sure our bike goes up, as well as it goes down. The duel link system helps it climb but everything is in the detail of the design of the bike.”

Do you offer lower tier options on your bikes?

“To be honest we don’t. We sell it as we would like it to be enjoyed. The model we have here may change a touch between now and production, but we want the best parts on the bike so we know exactly how it will perform in all circumstances. No corners have been cut.

You clearly put a lot of effort into design. Why have you chosen these particular components?

“The components may change a little as I mentioned before, but really, I just put what I like on there. What feels good to me, and what I have used and enjoyed before. There isn’t really a better or worse in terms of Shimano or SRAM. I like how Shimano drivetrains shift but other guys in the team prefer other brands. It’s just a matter of preference”

How about testing the frame? Being a long travel 29er, how have you ensured the suspension and design can handle the tough conditions it will be put through?

“There are 5 different tests frames need to go through and one frame should last each test. We resubmit our frames till one can go through all 5, and if it fails we go back touch up the areas and strengthen where it failed. We want to ensure a frame never needs to come back under warranty”

What colours are available and what about frame sizing?

“We can pretty much tailor the bike to a riders specifics. The link where the shock joins the down tube can be tailored to ensure the performance is spot on for any size rider. The bike will always be long and slack which is standard these days though. We can pretty much do any colour within reason too! We won’t do anything that will make the bike look really ugly though. It still needs to look cool.”


When can we expect to see the bike available?

“We still have work to do on the bike but keep checking and there will be further updates soon”

Final thoughts: All I can say is Dan and the guys are super stoked to see this bike rolling out soon and we cannot wait to go and have a ride. I’m really impressed with how much care and attention they put into the bike, like keeping the lines sleek and external headset cup for the tapered forks.

Please check out their site for some of their other bikes at

Written by Lorien Gordon


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