KORE at the London bike show

A small but eye catching stall thanks to their bright coloured components. You may know the company from their first product the thrashguard or maybe one of their later products like the new mega handlebars. You may have even seen the brand with names like Steve Peat, Jackson Goldstone, Blake Samson and more.

KORE is also a company that like to try and keep prices low. They say they exist because they design and manufacture top line mountain biking products without the bullshit. Don’t believe me then check their site.

You can also find things written on their site like “we’re not here to coddle baby elephants. We’re here to save your bike and your wallet”

Don’t think this company is on a budget by the looks of their stand as well. Once again they are thinking about our pockets. KORE say “No expensive trademarked terms for the same technologies everyone else has; No flashy tradeshow booth that cost thousands of dollars for just three days; and most importantly, No passing these costs of to those who just Want to ride their bike.”

Just look at the products they have to offer as well. Who doesn’t want matching components on their steed. The load design of the torsion bars. They could change the appearance of any bike.

Now I’ll just shut up and leave you to dribble over some of their other products on offer.

Comfy seat anyone?

If you were at the show throw a comment and tell us what you thought of the KORE stand.

Written by Richard Huxley.

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